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Our Goal:


⇿ Will Art Advisory matches you and your company with inspiring, culturally important contemporary art for acquisition. We work to emphasize the art of collecting. ⇿



Services include:


 ⏚ Guided gallery, museum, and art fair tours available in New York City and cities worldwide. Contact Will Art Advisory, Inc. for more information.


⏚ Collection management services.


⏚ Organizing installations and curated placement throughout client's domestic and corporate spaces.


⏚ Developing a collection identity while providing counsel on long and short-term conceptual and aesthetic goals, acquisitions, and deaccessions.


 Advising on individual client needs in regards to an estate, foundation and donation planning.


 ⏚ Fostering collaborative relationships between collectors, artists, curators, and galleries as well as museum and institution patronage.


⏚ Dedicated to assisting clients in all areas relating to art acquisition with the utmost discretion.



We believe:


⇿ Living with art enriches one's life and well-being.


⇿ Art is critically important to our culture.


⇿ Art challenges and changes

our perspectives, and the status quo.



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